K2 Clear Insurance

This unique product within the move management industry provides fully comprehensive door-to-door all risks insurance coverage. K2 Clear Insurance only requires items valued over $1500 to be listed, and there is no limit on any item. Value and premium calculation are based on the volume shipped, which means K2 are able to be totally up front and transparent with our costs prior to approval.

Demonstrating our continuous focus for innovation and simplicity, K2 developed an idiosyncratic insurance product.

Claim Process

K2’s vendor management solution has resulted in a 15% reduction in damages over the past 2 years. When damages do happen, we pride ourselves on taking every possible step to lighten the claim process. We guarantee the following service levels:

  1. Within 24 hours of the assignee advising us of damage to their shipment, we escalate their insurance claim to a dedicated, in-house, K2 Insurance consultant.
  2. We understand that relocating removes time to fill in lengthily claim forms. Our forms are clear, simple and allow a 30 day window for completion.
  3. Within 24 hours of receipt of the completed documentation, K2’s dedicated insurance consultant liaises with underwriters to provide a proposal for settlement. We will liaise with the underwriters to produce a settlement offer within 7 days of receipt of all documentation.
  4. Payment is made back to the Assignee within 7 days of the acceptance of a settlement and claim details are fed back in to K2’s vendor management system for on-going performance analysis and tracking against Key Performance Indicators.