Area Orientations

An orientation visit prior to a new relocation is an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure an assignee and their family is prepared for and reconciled with a move. K2’s orientation service is designed to provide information about daily life in the new location with an emphasis on one or more key areas to compare and contrast types of accommodation available, value for money, and local facilities.

The tour is co-ordinated and conducted by a local area consulting specialist and includes features relevant to the personal interests and concerns of the assignee family. An area orientation can be offered as a stand-alone service, or together with a home search package to provide an overview of neighborhoods prior to target home selection. In the case of group moves, information days can be delivered in the origin location and support recruitment efforts.

This service can also be provided prior to the relocation offer being accepted. In the event that the assignee is unsure about making the move, the orientation is a cost-effective tool to encourage the family to make a positive decision.