Home Sale Assistance

K2 understands that getting the best price for your associate’s home is vital to a successful relocation.

K2 will provide the assignee with a list of agents to choose from our network of professionals and will order a Broker’s Market Analysis (BMA) from at minimum two real estate agents, in order to develop a recommended list price and a most probable sale price for the home. The Broker’s Market Analyses will also be used by K2 in discussing a marketing strategy for the home.

The marketing strategy will include:

  1. Suggestions on how to prepare the home for sale.
  2. A recommended listing price and anticipated sales price.
  3. Information on competing properties for sale and recently closed comparable homes.
  4. A designated buyer profile for your property.
  5. Creative home sale promotion incentives to prospective buyers.

A veteran K2 Consultant will monitor the entire listing effort, including a review of homes currently listed in the local area and an evaluation of recently closed properties to ensure that a realistic pricing strategy is in place. Marketing Assistance also includes pro-active marketing-strategy calls, reporting on buyer and agent feedback, and review of advertising and open house events. K2 will also make recommendations on price adjustments if needed, advertising, terms of listing agreement with brokers, or conditions accordingly with the associate.

During the home sale approval process, a K2 Consultant will indicate any agreed upon items which may not be in the assignee’s best interest or which may not be reimbursable under company policy. Once the sale has been approved, a K2 Consultant will work with the assignee and the realtor to coordinate and manage the closing for flawless execution.

Certain home sale programs, such as the Guaranteed Buyout Option or the Buyer Value Option, can also be administered by a K2 Consultant, to offer peace of mind for the associate and offer tax advantages for all parties involved. Specific requirements by our clients are executed according to policy specifications that are established during the implementation phases of the partnership.