Movement of Household Goods

K2 excels in service delivery. By providing one point of accountability throughout relocation we manage specialist, highly qualified and carefully selected vendors. K2 has a wealth of move management, relocation expertise and successfully manages moves domestically and globally. An initial briefing call with assignees ensures that their exact service requirements are met, in line with company policy and needs.

K2 will tailor the Shipment Services program to fit your policy requirements.

K2 Shipping Services Process

  1. K2 receives an assignment initiation. This could be online, linking with an HRIS system, verbally, or via email. We adapt to your preferences.
  2. Within 24 hours a dedicated K2 representative will hold a needs analysis call with your assignee, discussing policy, allowances and their service requirements.
  3. K2 conduct single independent surveys and compiles competitive quotations, presenting cost options to HR and capturing all aspects and tracking of any policy exceptions. We hand select the perfect vendors, and present an impartial cost summary to the mobility team.
  4. K2 manages services and proactively communicates with each Assignee.
  5. K2 audits each service against specification, and collates feedback to improve on-going services. This is presented at the end of the relocation with performance reviews.

Hallmarks of Service Quality

K2 regulates and audits our suppliers, ensuring that the following essential standards are always met:

  • Accurate volumes: By corroborating final volumes from moves, we ensure that freight and rates are appropriate and transparent.
  • Policy compliance: Should an ‘out of policy' request be received, this will be tracked and recorded to aid our clients in any future policy reviews.
  • Proactive Communication: K2 suppliers are measured on communication levels, to ensure that K2 can provide persistently reliable and up to date information.
  • Outstanding crews: As the ‘face’ of both K2 and our partner companies, the crews selected by our partner companies can be nothing short of perfect. Experienced, calm and polite crews are taken as a standard, and K2’s longstanding relationship with suppliers allows us to request crews we deem most suited to an Assignee.
  • Top quality materials: All of K2’s suppliers must use materials of ‘first’ quality, the very best standard held by the moving industry.
  • ‘Export’ packing: Quotations gathered by K2 are always based upon ‘export’ packing. This is the full wrapping of effects with cardboard, bubble wrap and purpose built crates which exceed the international standard for export.
  • Sea freight containers are ‘Sole use’ which ensures the safety and rapid transit of effects. K2 will only provide quotations based upon sole use of a container, or for very small volumes, sole use of a lift van loaded into a shared container. This will be sealed and security is ensured throughout transit.