Rental Assistance

K2 arranges for a dedicated rental search service to assist the assignee in their search for a long term rental. This includes researching the market thoroughly based on individual needs and requirements as specified by the assignee.

Our consultant will contact the appropriate real estate agents in the areas we are researching to determine if they have anything that would suit your assignee’s specific requirements and needs. We are here to help find a property that will suit your assignee’s family and to provide them with local knowledge and expertise. This will allow them to make an informed decision as to which property will suit their exact needs.

When we have researched thoroughly, we then confirm the appointment times for each of the properties found, plan the itinerary to view the properties, and then accompany the assignee to view the properties. Once a suitable home is selected, we will secure the property, negotiate the terms with the Landlord/real estate agents, liaise with the assignee to draw up the lease, and ensure the property is prepared and ready for occupation on the start date of the lease.

K2 will also arrange for a representative to attend the check in on the assignee’s behalf on the start date of the lease to ensure the property is as it should be and to note any defects, which would also be reported to the Landlord for immediate attention. By doing so, when the property is vacated, it will be checked out in conjunction with the check in report allowing for fair wear and tear.

The home search for a long term rental home will include the following:

  1. Housing Needs Analysis – through a briefing call and assignee completion of a questionnaire to ensure that the search is tailored to specific requirements and needs.
  2. Re-confirm budget and all requirements provided prior to any research taking place.
  3. Sourcing properties according to budgets and requirements.
  4. Verify the housing budget and set expectations regarding the current housing market.
  5. Identify and prepare a comprehensive range of properties for viewing. Full itinerary of viewing day to be provided on the day.
  6. On the viewing day, familiarize your assignee’s family with general information on the different areas visited and provide general orientation to facilitate a decision on which area they would prefer to settle.
  7. Assist in the decision-making process by providing expert advice based on market experience.
  8. Negotiate with the Landlord to secure the best terms & conditions.
  9. Submit the written offer to the Landlord confirming full offer details and any special requirements as confirmed with the assignee.
  10. Preparation of lease documentation and review of lease. Any specific points to note are communicated before any documentation is signed.
  11. Coordination of lease signing to ensure standard lease and practices are used.
  12. Ensure that all repair and enhancement work agreed to with the Landlord in advance is completed prior to occupation.
  13. Assistance with the connection of utilities to include electric, gas, water, telephone, internet, and cable/satellite television.