School Search Assistance

K2 recognizes that parents are naturally concerned with the schooling of their children. We have designed programs to assist with professionally securing school and pre-school locations with the utmost sensitivity.

A designated consultant will work closely with your assignee until the children are securely settled in their new school. Where appropriate the school search consultant will also be working with your assignee on the home search so that all elements of the relocation are coordinated, and there is a seamless service provided.

K2 will coordinate the search for suitable school locations as required. Services will include:

  1. Assistance in identifying a shortlist of appropriate schools based on requirements and needs confirmed in advance.
  2. Arrange to view schools during normal working hours.
  3. Track and report on availability of shortlisted schools.
  4. Follow up to ensure the family has all necessary information to make appropriate decision on chosen school.
  5. Co-ordination of application and payment of registration fees if applicable.
  6. Follow up through to the child’s start date in new school.