Short Term Mobility Shipments

Premium service, minimum cost.

K2’s Short Term Mobility Shipments (STMS) service offers a cost effective alternative to excess baggage for assignees undertaking Short Term Assignments. Designed for air shipments of 40 to 100 kgs, the STMS option can be tailored to your policy allowances, and is perfect for large scale short term assignments, or tight budget assignments.

The STMS service often expedites the rotation of graduates or trainee employees between posts.

K2 STMS Process

We utilise our principle of high quality service and transparent pricing with a global coverage of Short Term Mobility Shipments. Often undertaken for group moves or short term secondments, the simple K2 process runs as follows:

  1. HR initiate to K2, specifying individual or group entitlements. Within 24 hours, K2 holds a briefing call with the assignee or assignees, discussing customs requirements, K2 insurance cover, transit times and packing restrictions.
  2. K2 arranges for environmentally friendly crates to be delivered to assignee’s residence or office.
  3. Crates are packed by the assignee using K2 provided materials- for small shipments this is often preferred to the ‘full pack’ option.
  4. K2 facilitates collection of crates, consolidates paperwork, and forwards for customs clearance and air freight to destination.
  5. 7-10 days: Delivery of effects to destination.

Crates are retained by the assignee throughout the assignment, and reused for their return journey.